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Dealing with Work Accident and Injury Claims in the Antelope Valley

Have you been recently injured in a work accident? If you suffered any type of injury that is related to your job, you may be entitled to benefits under workers' compensation law. To learn more, contact a workers' compensation lawyer at Accident Lawyers.

Workplace Accidents
Representing victims of workplace accidents in Palmdale and Lancaster is an important focus of our firm. An accident in virtually any work environment has the potential to cause serious injury, particularly in such fields as construction and manufacturing where heavy machinery and physical labor may be involved. Whether your case involves a slip and fall accident in the stairwell at your office building or a fall from scaffolding at a construction site, an attorney at our firm may be able to assist you. Click here to read more about workplace accidents and workers' comp.

Workplace Exposure
In addition to handling claims related to accidents at work, we deal with injuries and illnesses caused by exposure to hazardous conditions or toxins. For example, hearing loss may be caused by continual exposure to loud noises at a manufacturing facility. Mesothelioma may be caused by exposure to asbestos while renovating an old building. We handle workplace exposure cases in the Antelope Valley related to lead poisoning, benzene, asbestos, radiation, mold and all other types of toxins or hazards. Click here to read more about workplace exposure and workers' compensation.

At Accident Lawyers, we represent injured workers throughout Palmdale, Lancaster and the surrounding areas in the Antelope Valley. In addition to helping our clients file for workers' compensation, we also handle disputes, hearings, denied claims and appeals. With an aggressive approach and a foundation in personalized client service, our legal team strives to achieve the best possible result in every workers' compensation claim we take on.

If you work in Lancaster or Palmdale and were injured in a workplace accident, are ill or were injured due to exposure to a toxin or dangerous condition at work, or have suffered injury from a repetitive motion or another situation related to the duties involved with your job, you may have the right to file a workers' compensation claim regardless of who may have been at fault.

No-Fault Coverage for Work Accidents

One of the primary advantages of workers' compensation is that an injured worker can seek coverage regardless of fault. Workers' compensation is a no-fault system and this means that the employee does not need to prove employer negligence to recover benefits. The only requirement is that the injury be related to the employee's job in some way, whether this is because it occurred at work or was related to the employee carrying out the duties of his or her job.

In addition to no-fault coverage, an injured worker in Palmdale or Lancaster will have the right to prompt, effective medical attention, and up to $10,000 in medical care paid by the employer if a claim is still being reviewed.

Workers' Comp Attorney Serving Lancaster and Palmdale, California

Why should you involve an attorney to help with your Palmdale or Lancaster workers' compensation claim? Filing for workers' compensation may seem simple enough, but there are situations where - particularly in cases involving serious injury - an injured worker may be at risk of being taken advantage of or retaliated against. A Palmdale or Lancaster workers' compensation lawyer can help an employee properly file his or her claim and can then protect his or her rights through the entire claims process.

Contact a workers' compensation attorney at our firm for help with your claim.