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Workers' Comp Fraud in Palmdale and Lancaster

Involving a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers' compensation fraud is a criminal offense that is related to any fraudulent action or misrepresentation that relates to workers' compensation. Workers' comp fraud may be committed by and employee, employer, medical care provider or any other party involved in the workers' compensation claims process. If an employee is suspected and then convicted of workers' compensation fraud, he or she may lose the right to recover workers' compensation benefits of any kind, even for a valid work injury he or she sustained and would have been entitled to receive benefits for.

One reason to work with a workers' compensation lawyer when filing for workers' compensation benefits in Palmdale or Lancaster is the possibility that you may be accused of fraud. Today, an employee may be under increased scrutiny when filing a workers' compensation claim because others have fraudulently attempted to recover benefits. A workers' compensation insurance company and your employer may therefore be sensitive to any false statement, misrepresentation or exaggeration that an injured worker may make in relation to his or her claim. Having an attorney to assist you in properly filing a claim can help ensure that you are not wrongly accused of workers' compensation fraud and also that you do not accidentally give false information in regard to your claim.

Types of Workers' Comp Fraud

Following are some types of potential workers' compensation fraud, which may be committed by an employer, medical care provider, workers' compensation insurance company or employee:

  • Overbilling for medical care or billing for treatment or testing that was not provided or performed.
  • Filing a claim for an injury that was not sustained at work or related to work.
  • Exaggerating the severity of an injury to seek additional benefits.
  • Working "under the table" while receiving workers' compensation disability benefits.
  • Misclassifying an employee as an office worker who actually performs a more hazardous type of work.
  • Fraudulently denying a workers' compensation claim that should have been approved.

Contact a workers' compensation attorney at our firm for help with your claim and to learn more about workers' compensation fraud in Palmdale and Lancaster.

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