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Workers' Comp Settlements

Lancaster and Palmdale Workers' Compensation Lawyer

The majority of Palmdale and Lancaster workers' compensation claims are settled outside of court. This essentially means that the parties involved reach an agreement without the necessary intervention of a workers' compensation judge, although the settlement may be reviewed by a judge to ensure it is fair and just. Although settlements are fairly standard in regard to workers' compensation claims, it is important to understand the different types of settlements that can be reached and which one may apply to your case. A workers' compensation lawyer at our law offices can help you learn more about this important topic. We represent injured workers in Palmdale, Lancaster and throughout the Antelope Valley.

There are two types of workers' compensation settlements. The first, a Compromise and Release, typically involves a lump sum settlement paid by the employer/workers' compensation insurance company to the injured worker, releasing the injured worker's right to any further compensation. This type of settlement most often applies when the worker is no longer employed by the company where the injury occurred. The second type of settlement is a Stipulated Finding and Award, which often involves continued payments due to a disability. Both parties will come to an agreement regarding fair payments and also regarding any future medical treatment that you may need and how the workers' compensation insurance company will pay for this.

What if a Settlement Cannot Be Reached?

If a settlement simply cannot be reached for your workers' compensation claim, your attorney may take your case to trial to be resolved. It both parties' cooperation to reach a settlement, and at times the insurance company or employer simply will not offer a fair settlement and the only option will be to go to trial. Fortunately, we at Pacific Attorney Group have the resources and experience to take your case to be resolved in front of a judge.

Contact a Lancaster or Palmdale workers' compensation attorney at our law offices today about your workers' compensation settlement options.

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